Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pin Pal Gift Exchange

Elizabeth over at Get Busy Living did a "Pin Pal Gift Exchange" for the month of April.  I got paired up with a rocking super-mom named Kelly.  She lives in New Jersey and is a new mom, a full time working mom, and just got into her Ph.D. program.  Whew!  Made me tired just typing that!  She is an expert at cloth diapering and is living a vegan lifestyle.  You can catch up with her on her blog Hoppy Bottoms.

Kelly made me a really adorable beauty jar gift!  I love it!  She included my favorite nail polish (Essie), a top coat, and supplies to do a mani.  She also included my favorite mascara, tweezers, a Starbucks gift card, a letter A, all wrapped in a mason jar (my fave!).  She did a super job at personalizing a gift for me.  It was exciting when the mail lady brought it up to the door, too.  Getting mail is so fun when you don't know what's inside the box!

After boxing up her gift and getting it to the post office just in time to meet the dead line, I sadly forgot to take a pic of my gift to her.  

I had a blast doing this months Pin Pal exchange.  I'm debating on next months only because May is an insane month for our family, but I still might try to participate.  Check out Elizabeth's blog for the details if you would like to join in!