Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thirty-One Days of Gratitude

Epp!  I've been staying true to so many goals in my life lately, except taking time to blog!  Saying BLOG makes me feel like a drone though, so can we just call it "fractured, but beautiful thoughts about my life".  That sounds much more real.  

Anyways, tomorrow is the first day of May, and I love this time of year in Arizona.  It's warm and beautiful, and you can be outside almost all day (with some SPF & water in tow).   Best part -- it's not 113, yet.  I wanted to do something special to keep my head in the "game" of life for the month.  Each day in May I would like to reflect on something positive in my life.  I will spend the next 31 days reflecting on 31 different things that make me happy.  

It's all too easy to get caught up in what's not good enough in our lives.  When I have a mind set of focusing on the good, I'm really good at being positive.  But, when something shifts my focus (or more like, I allow it to shift my focus) I spiral quickly into seeing all of the negative.  This is an experiment in how shifting my focus to the positive changes the way I feel in my life.

I'll be sharing my thoughts on Instagram follow me there!  Once May is over I'd like to do a recap post with all of my thirty-one things & how I feel about my list.  Anyone who would like to do this with me, I would love that!  Maybe your posts can inspire me to think of all of the great things in my life, too!