Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Monkey at the Zoo

My friend Josie and I went to the Phoenix Zoo last Wednesday with our little ones.  It was a really awesome day, beautiful and warm with a good breeze (um, WIND I should say).  The zoo is big and I liked getting the exercise of walking the whole thing (and carrying her most of it).  

Simone had a blast.  Though, I think she loved watching the other kids a little more than the animals.  Can't wait for her to be a little older so that she can get into the play areas more.  No rushing though... she's already growing faster than I can handle.

Real Life Sophies!
I dressed her for the day in an elephant onesie, but we missed the elephants!  Not sure why they weren't out, every other animal was.  But, she looked adorable none the less, and of course, I had to match her.

They force you to exit through the gift shop... so this purchase happened.
 The zoo was so much better than I remember it being!