Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where Does the Weekend Go??

Seriously, how is it Sunday night already!!!  Cream cheese chicken in the oven, and Todd's cleaning up his work in the bathroom (major renovation post to come...).  Simone's on my lap for this post already in her jammies because once I'm done here it's off to la-la-land for her.

A few quick highlights of our weekend...

Friday we Skyped with our family in Michigan, which is awesome.  It's SO DANG COOL that Simone can see her Grandma & Grandpa all the way in Michigan.  Later after dinner (Jersey Mikes Subs *YUM*), we Skyped with Todd's brothers who also live in Michigan.  Shots via Skype... pretty badass.  Friday night, sleep was rough... we won't go back over that.

Saturday found us worn a little thin, but that didn't stop my superhero Todd from putting in a ten hour workday on the bathroom.  It's looking so amazing, and I can't wait to do a post for you guys to see how much work my guy has put into it.  I'm bursting with pride.  As with any other weekend, we ended up at Lowes.  Oh, Lowe's... I Lowes you... you have so much of our money.

This is our life...and I'm more than OK with it.
After Lowe's Todd shot a few quick pictures of Simone & me out front of our house.  It was beautiful out, and Simone was laughing, so we seized the opportunity.

By our new tree purchased while I was 8 months preggers
Since we had such a rough night Friday I didn't feel like cooking and Todd saw a delivery car that said wings on the way back from Lowe's.  Which, left us one option...Native New Yorker to watch some UFC and scarf wings.  It's NOT technically a bar... so I don't feel like the worlds worst parent being there with Simone.  But, don't ask the family next to us what they thought... I overheard "bar" "with a baby" several times.  HA!  Whaaaaaaatever.

Sunday was another long day working on our bathroom for Todd, so Simone and I played.  Simone's Grandpa Hart came over for a visit with her and freed me up to do some dishes and fold clothes, SCORE!

Simone and her huge smile for her silly Grandpa!
Can't help it...

Off to enjoy the evening with Todd and get our little to bed.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!