Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pin Pal Gift Exchange

Elizabeth over at Get Busy Living did a "Pin Pal Gift Exchange" for the month of April.  I got paired up with a rocking super-mom named Kelly.  She lives in New Jersey and is a new mom, a full time working mom, and just got into her Ph.D. program.  Whew!  Made me tired just typing that!  She is an expert at cloth diapering and is living a vegan lifestyle.  You can catch up with her on her blog Hoppy Bottoms.

Kelly made me a really adorable beauty jar gift!  I love it!  She included my favorite nail polish (Essie), a top coat, and supplies to do a mani.  She also included my favorite mascara, tweezers, a Starbucks gift card, a letter A, all wrapped in a mason jar (my fave!).  She did a super job at personalizing a gift for me.  It was exciting when the mail lady brought it up to the door, too.  Getting mail is so fun when you don't know what's inside the box!

After boxing up her gift and getting it to the post office just in time to meet the dead line, I sadly forgot to take a pic of my gift to her.  

I had a blast doing this months Pin Pal exchange.  I'm debating on next months only because May is an insane month for our family, but I still might try to participate.  Check out Elizabeth's blog for the details if you would like to join in!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bye Bye Bumbo & Hello First Tooth

Life has proven to be a bit busy lately, but I wanted to jump on here and get some thoughts out before time got away from me again.

Last week we retired the bumbo... sad day.  I loved watching this little sweetie in her bumbo while I cooked, showered, and got ready for the day.  Alas, she escaped from it by pulling her right leg under her and launching out head first.  After the tears were dried, I got to researching exersaucers.  This little one loves her new toy!

From Bumbo to Bouncer

I posted about our struggles with the first tooth... and boy were those nights a challenge.  But, it seems things are calming down around here with the grand entrance of the first official tooth!  This thing is sharp as can be, and it's earned her the nick name Sharp Tooth around our house. 

A bit tough to see but the bottom tooth has popped through!
More to come on our recent goings-on.  Hopefully I'll get a full nap today from her and will be able to catch up on blogging.  Bye for now!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dear Six Month Old Simone

Dear Simone,

Today you are six months old.  You are half way from the first day you arrived in the world and only half way from your first birthday.  When you were born I could not prepare myself for how much I would love you, or how much being your Mom would mean to me.  My Mom would tell me when I was young that I would never understand how much she loved me until I had a child of my own, and she was right.  

Your beautiful eyes see the world in a way I can only imagine.  You examine everything around you and from a young age have been acutely aware of your surroundings.  I watch you watching your toys, other children, and your Daddy & I.  I see that your mind is moving faster than mine, and I keep that thought with me as I go about my day.  Right now, you are learning so much, so fast.  Though, you won't remember this time when you are older, what goes on now will play a role in who you are forever.  You are smart.

Playing on your tummy, rolling over, and sitting up.  Your strength is astounding.  Passing your toys from hand to hand, and playing with your Cousins & friends.  Your nickname isn't monkey for just any old reason.  You wiggle and move any chance you get.  You're no longer a tiny infant.  Doctor Judy says you'll be on the move in no time.  I'm just trying to cherish every last moment that you are as little as you are right now.  You are strong and growing up.

You have your very own way about you, and your personality is beautiful.  Everyone who meets you knows it, and tells Daddy and me.  Your smile is infectious, and your laugh makes me feel more joy than I knew possible.  I know as you grow up you will know the power of being a social person.  Remember to include others who are on the shy side.  I know you will, because you are kind.  

Our life before you is a bit of a fuzzy memory by now.  It's hard to think of when you weren't with us, because it feels as if you've always been a part of our lives.  But, six months ago at this exact time of day Daddy and I were just staring at you hoping that we could be as good of parents as you deserve.  

I'll end this by telling you we are so proud of you, we are so in awe of you, and we are so excited for what life holds for you.

Love you forever and for always,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Monkey at the Zoo

My friend Josie and I went to the Phoenix Zoo last Wednesday with our little ones.  It was a really awesome day, beautiful and warm with a good breeze (um, WIND I should say).  The zoo is big and I liked getting the exercise of walking the whole thing (and carrying her most of it).  

Simone had a blast.  Though, I think she loved watching the other kids a little more than the animals.  Can't wait for her to be a little older so that she can get into the play areas more.  No rushing though... she's already growing faster than I can handle.

Real Life Sophies!
I dressed her for the day in an elephant onesie, but we missed the elephants!  Not sure why they weren't out, every other animal was.  But, she looked adorable none the less, and of course, I had to match her.

They force you to exit through the gift shop... so this purchase happened.
 The zoo was so much better than I remember it being!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Dinner - Lemon Pepper Chicken, Carrots, & Rice

I'm pretty obsessed with easy dinners. Especially easy chicken dinners because we eat chicken 80% of the time.  So, it takes some work to keep making that chicken exciting!  

I figured I'd share a few SUPER SIMPLE dinners that I make when Simone is not in the mood to watch me chop & prepare a big elaborate dinner. 

I'll have several of these dinners posted soon, since it's just about all I normally make. 

Lemon Pepper Chicken, Carotts, & Rice (I obviously love rice & carrots)
What you need...

Bag of baby carrots
2-4 Chicken brests
Rice (or Quinoa, or other starch)

Get it done...

Throw chicken, some chicken stock, and bag of baby carrots into the crock pot around 3pm and pray it's done before we are starving for dinner.  

I usually put it on high and power cook it for a few hours.  If you're gone all day you could set it to low.  I use a lemon pepper spice I bought at our grocery store and cut up a fresh lemon and toss it in.  It smells amazing while it's cooking.  

Then I cook up some rice (boil in a bag because I'm horrible at rice) and toss it all together.  Todd's always super impressed with the flavor, and chicken in the crock pot is EASY and juicy.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My New Passion...Walking

So about a month ago I decided it was HIGH TIME I got my buns back in shape.  I feel the pressure of bathing suit season approaching.  Especially in Arizona, because that starts in April, FRICK!  So I started doing my favorite at-home workout Jillian Michael's Thirty Day Shred.  It's super cheap (I got it at Walmart) and it kicks your ass.  Side note, Jillian looks like my friend Jenny!  Ha, Jenny!  I always think of you while I'm basically crying through my workout.

I started doing this twice a day.  Which was a sick joke.  The second workout was me flopping around like fish out of water.  So I decided to just do the work out three days a week.  The other days, I've taken to walking.  I'm now kind of obsessed with walking.  It's easy to do with Simone.  She usually sleeps, or watches me while playing with her toys. 

I've been walking about a mile here or there.  Then I started pushing it to two miles.... I walk up to the grocery store and buy little things I need and then walk home.  But, the other day I went for the big kahuna.  I walked a total of four miles.  I don't a light stroll either... I power walked this bia (the word I say so I'm not caught saying the B word in front of Simone...)!  By the time I got home I was totally pooped, but I felt like I worked every part of my body.  It was a great workout.  I even told Todd that I think it was harder than Jillian.

It's not like the old days where I would just hit the gym for an hour and push my body to the brink.  I have to get in my exercise any way I can.  I try to do things all day long to push my body.

What do you do to stay in shape?

That's what I'm talking about...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where Does the Weekend Go??

Seriously, how is it Sunday night already!!!  Cream cheese chicken in the oven, and Todd's cleaning up his work in the bathroom (major renovation post to come...).  Simone's on my lap for this post already in her jammies because once I'm done here it's off to la-la-land for her.

A few quick highlights of our weekend...

Friday we Skyped with our family in Michigan, which is awesome.  It's SO DANG COOL that Simone can see her Grandma & Grandpa all the way in Michigan.  Later after dinner (Jersey Mikes Subs *YUM*), we Skyped with Todd's brothers who also live in Michigan.  Shots via Skype... pretty badass.  Friday night, sleep was rough... we won't go back over that.

Saturday found us worn a little thin, but that didn't stop my superhero Todd from putting in a ten hour workday on the bathroom.  It's looking so amazing, and I can't wait to do a post for you guys to see how much work my guy has put into it.  I'm bursting with pride.  As with any other weekend, we ended up at Lowes.  Oh, Lowe's... I Lowes you... you have so much of our money.

This is our life...and I'm more than OK with it.
After Lowe's Todd shot a few quick pictures of Simone & me out front of our house.  It was beautiful out, and Simone was laughing, so we seized the opportunity.

By our new tree purchased while I was 8 months preggers
Since we had such a rough night Friday I didn't feel like cooking and Todd saw a delivery car that said wings on the way back from Lowe's.  Which, left us one option...Native New Yorker to watch some UFC and scarf wings.  It's NOT technically a bar... so I don't feel like the worlds worst parent being there with Simone.  But, don't ask the family next to us what they thought... I overheard "bar" "with a baby" several times.  HA!  Whaaaaaaatever.

Sunday was another long day working on our bathroom for Todd, so Simone and I played.  Simone's Grandpa Hart came over for a visit with her and freed me up to do some dishes and fold clothes, SCORE!

Simone and her huge smile for her silly Grandpa!
Can't help it...

Off to enjoy the evening with Todd and get our little to bed.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Rough Nights


Simone is generally a happy baby.  Like any baby she has moments where she gets grumpy, but it's usually all about being hungry or tired.  At nine weeks Simone started sleeping through the night, and it was AMAZING.  Can I just say, after nine weeks of being up basically all night every night, a nine hour stretch made me felt like I could take on anything.  She was on a perfect schedule, up at 7am, consistent naps throughout the day, and asleep by 9:30pm-10pm for the night.

About three weeks ago, everything changed in our house.  We started noticing Simone drooling a ton, and gnawing on everything she could get her chubby little hands on.  I've heard the horror stories of teething and it's needless to say we're in the thick of it.

During the day, everything is good... she plays, is happy, takes naps (inconsistent & short ones, but still, naps), and is overall the sweetest girl.  But, come night time something happens.  She usually goes down OK... around the same 9:30pm time.  However, she wakes up probably (and I'm not making this up) ten times during the night.  We have good nights where she is only up twice, but those are few and far between.

It's wearing on me.  We have done the routine, teething tablets, frozen fruit, patting her, dancing her, cold teething toys, basically everything short of ramming my head into the wall, we've gladly tried.  I'm slipping in being the Mom I try so hard to be.  

During the week I wake up for her, but it's hard for Todd because he can't help but wake up, too.  He feels like a zombie when he heads off to work, and I drag my ass through my day.  I miss my scheduled peaceful sleeping baby girl.  During the weekend, Todd will usually get up and change her while I set up to nurse.

Friday night was particularly hard.  It was one of those nights where nothing was working.  I ended up (after chewing Todd out for basically just trying to help) on the couch in our front room alternating between nursing her and patting her back.  Finally around 5:30am she feel asleep on my chest.  I held her close and apologized to her for not having the answers.  Tears ran down my face as I sat there watching the glow of the sun starting to rise.  At this point, I didn't even want to sleep.

After waiting a while and making sure she was sound asleep.  I grabbed her car seat and put her in it.  I put her on the ground next to our bed in the car seat and laid my hand on her chest while I was half-way in bed.  Todd was sleeping, she was sleeping, and I was wide awake looking at her.

As I laid there trying to relax my mind I started to realize that this was not going to be the last night of tears (for her, OR myself) and that I need to toughen up if I'm going to get through this.  I thought to myself, "I'll do better tomorrow".  It's not all roses with babies.  Yet, I know I'm so lucky to have a baby who is otherwise happy and healthy.

Hopefully, one day... when she's about 30 and she has a new baby of her own she will know that it's not easy, but it's worth it.  And, that I always tried her best for her, even when I got it totally wrong.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flying with Baby

Simone had her first flight at the young age of 9 weeks.  I was so nervous to take that sweet baby on a plane.  At this time I was nursing on demand (not sure I've ever gotten away from that) & we lapped Simone.  Gotta get those free-for-her flights in while we can!

Basically this was our whole flight

My biggest fear was that she would be in pain from the change in pressure.  No one likes that feeling, and being a tiny little lady that can't POP her own ears concerned this new Mom.  So prior to leaving I did what every smart, well informed new Mom does.... I Googled it.  After reading through tons of lists, and blogs with good ideas on what to pack or carry on I packed our bags, hoped for the best, and off we went.  

First, let me tell you... people were EXTREMELY nice.  I'm guessing most of them were parents who understood what it's like to fly with a young babe.  We had a few people get wide-eyed as we walked towards them, and then heard their sigh of relief when we passed by.  To be totally honest, I did the same thing before Simone... who doesn't?!

Second, I brought more than I needed.  I'd much rather be over prepared than under, BUT I was much more efficient on the way home as far as our carry on went.  Flying with kids is different at every age, and you know your kid best so start there.  Here's what worked for our nine-week-old sweetie and us...

Things you need...
  • Bring the Boppy.  Hear me out... it's big, it's kind of a pain, but if you're like me and are nursing on demand it's a necessity.  When baby isn't nursing it helps for sleeping on your lap and not bonking into the armrests.  It's basically an over sized neck pillow anyways, so make it a comedy and wear it on the plane.  I promise people will LOVE it.  If they don't smile at you, they are dead inside and you don't need them anyways! 
  • Bring your diaper bag.  DUH...OK whatever, but I wondered beforehand.  I packed it with wipes, diapers, a change of clothes (though we were lucky & didn't need it), a large zip lock baggie for clothing that suffers a blow out (or dirty diapers), a changing pad (a must because our airplane didn't have a changing table), a light blanky, and burp cloths.  
  • Bring a few pacis if you use them.  We were happy to have more than one the second we got off the plane in the Detroit airport and Simone spit her's out on the ground.  Gross.
  • If you're bottle feeding bring the bottle of course.  Also, TSA allows you to bring formula and breast milk.  Just make sure that you let the agent know as you are setting your bags on the x-ray.  Our extra milk was in the breast milk bags.  I didn't have one second of guff from them at all.  They were actually super nice.
  • I brought Simone's Birth Certificate, just in case... didn't need it, but I would still say it's a good idea.  You never know, and my luck they would ask for it.  We were also heading to Michigan in the dead of winter so I had a jacket and hat for Simone when we got off the plane.


  • Pack your crap.  Besides our wallets, kindle, and a few snacks, & magazines I stuffed in the diaper bag, we didn't bring our "crap".  You don't need it.  Pack it in your checked luggage.  Which by the way, if you don't know car seats, strollers, and bases fly free.  That was happy news for us!
  • Nurse, feed, or have baby suck on the paci on the way up & down.  Simone had zero issues once we were up in the air, but I knew on the way down both times she was getting uncomfortable.  Just keep them sucking because it will open their ears.  Plus it's comforting when they are experiencing something so new to them.  
  • Smile, be nice, and make conversation with the flight attendants.  They will be sweet and help you, I promise!  Our flight attendants even made Simone a little certificate and gave her "wings".  They will bring you hot water if you are formula feeding, and tell you how awesome/cute/wonderful your baby is.  Seriously, one in particular would come check on us every so often.  So SMILE, dammit!
  • Breathe.  I couldn't get this one myself... but after getting there and back I said, well that wasn't so bad.  Just remember that most people are parents and they understand.  And, if they are not parents they will still understand.  Chances are your baby will do better at traveling than you do, or at least that was true for us!  The more chilled out you are the better they feel anyways.

Getting the rental car... she didn't know what the fuss was

That's it... that's all I've got.  Have a good flight!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Simone's Carte Du Jour

When did this happen?  Our precious baby can now eat like a big kid (kind of).  It's bittersweet.  I love being the person who can feed her, and in that same breath I say hallelujah because I get somewhat of a break (can I get a "hooray, beer"?).  As I posted in A Regular Girl's Breastfeeding Experience I love nursing this sweetie.  Seriously, it makes me feel so great to give her everything she needs.  BUT, a big but (like in the Sir Mix A lot song...) watching Simone devourer new foods is pretty freakin' sweet.

Everything she tries has the same response.  It's hilarious.  First we nurse for a few minutes, it gets her into the "eating" mode, and then we eat some real (aka really mushy) food.  She eagerly opens her mouth, dives into the spoon, and gives me a face & look as if I just fed her a lemon topped with Sriracha!  Post lemon-sriracha look she dive bombs the spoon again realizing that she now loves the new food.  

Her first (beyond rice cereal...which is clearly just really thick boobie milk) food was avocado.  We love it in this house, so clearly we are trying to gear her towards our tastes.  First bite, I was thinking commmmmonnnn guac girl.  By the second it was clear we created a smart child.

Yay, Dad... I can get DOWN!

The Progression of Carrots
Bananas are a big MEH...
The only food that she had a slightly different reaction to was strawberries... it was a, shall we say, thoughtful response to that sweet taste...

See what I mean?
I'll keep posting about her first foods as we head further along this road.  So far I've been making them at home, but I'll fully admit I bought a few of the jarred baby food for "on the go" meals.  It's nice to have something as a stand-by... HELLO judge-y eyes, I see you over there! ;) 

Can I just add, this girl really is a character.  My Mom used to call me a "ham" when I was a kid.  I would always play up for the crowd.  She always swore that someday I would be an actress or comedian... what do ya know, Mom... I just wanted to be like you! :)  That's exactly what I see in Simone.  She's so social.  She loves strangers (something we will have to work on...) and has to chat with people while we are out and about.  I wore her to the grocery store the other night, and you would think it was just her walking around.  Every parent says this (as they darn well should), but this girl is something SPECIAL!

Who, ME!?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spinach Pie aka Spanakopita

Spinach Pie is another recipe that Todd's Mom taught me and we love it just a little more than is healthy!

When I make it, we literally eat it for every meal until we are out of it.  I hope your family loves it as much as we do!  Here's how it goes...

What you need...

1 package phyllo dough
1/2 lb of melted butter
1 large container of small curd cottage cheese 
12-16 oz of frozen chopped spinach (I just use the whole bag of frozen spinach)
2 eggs
14 oz crumbled feta
2 T dried oregano
1 T garlic powder
1/2 C dried minced onion

Get it done...

Preheat oven to 350
Microwave spinach 2-3 mins; drain excess water
Combine all ingredients except phyllo dough and melted butter, mix well
Unfold phyllo dough; place one sheet in bottom of a 9x13 pan prepared with non-stick cooking spray
brush sheet of dough with melted butter

Doesn't have to be perfect...see the left side of mine, LOL!

Repeat to make 8 layers of dough brushed with butter
Spread 1/2 of the spinach mixture evenly over all
Layer 8 more sheets of dough brushed with butter
Spread other 1/2 spinach mixture over all

Going into the oven
Finish with dough sheets brushed with butter using whatever you have left.  
Bake at 350 uncovered until the top is golden.  About 25-35 mins.

Flaky golden goodness!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Grandma's Yummy Party Potatoes

Can I just say first... as I write this post I'm enjoying a cup of coffee in our office with the windows open....while Simone sleeps in!  Bliss!

Anyways, I wanted to share this recipe since I made the party potatoes on Easter Sunday.  I neglected to take a picture, but these are the best holiday food.  You can double the recipe if you have a huge group, but this serves 12-16 already.

What you need...

2lb bag of frozen hash browns.  (Note, I can only ever find the one pound bag...so I just buy two)
1 Cup of diced onion (you can fore go the onion if you have a Dad like mine who hates them!)
1 Can cream of celery soup
1 16 oz carton of sour cream
1/4 lb of butter, melted
2 Cups of shredded cheddar cheese
Salt & pepper 
Crushed potato chips (I used ruffles) for top... Also totally optional, as I usually make these without the chips.

Get it done...

Preheat oven to 375
Mix all ingredients (except chips) together in a big bowl
Spread in an ungreased 9 x 13 pan
Bake 60 mins at 375
To add the chip topping pull out about 10 mins early & sprinkle crushed chips on top.  Return to the over for the remaining 10 mins.

These can be prepared the night before (I love that part), but just don't bake.  Another tip, if your potatoes are browning too much on top, cover the pan with foil and continue to cook.

These potatoes are always a hit!  It was love at first bite for me!  They go well with everything, and we're on a roll... I've made them for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  I'm going to make up a holiday just to have them again. ;-)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy Beeeeee

Miss blogging!  Will be back next week with some fun stuff.  For now here's an adorable baby girl talking with her Daddy about two months ago.  

Have a great rest of your weekend! xo

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five Things

Elizabeth at Get Busy Living inspired me to do a "Five Things" post.  Here we go...

1.  Todd proposed after only dating me for five months.  Now, I know that some people will say that's fast.  For other people, that's plenty of time.  We knew each other for about five years prior to getting together.  He was always such a funny and kind guy.  I never took Todd seriously, he would come into my office cracking jokes, or speaking in Spanish (like an audio book where a white guy teaches you Spanish).  We would debate on topics and I'd tell him to get off of his soap box.  He always had a girlfriend, and I was in a serious relationship myself.  After breaking free of my toxic (and way-too-drawn out) relationship I hit happy hour with a few friends... well, only three of us showed up and Todd was one of them.  He offered to drive me home after one-too-many at happy hour and let me know how he felt about me.  It was overwhelming, but the feeling was more than mutual.  Flash forward five months and he was down on one knee in Michigan.  He's my best friend, and an even better Dad.  I'm so proud of him and thankful for our life we have together.  

Michigan 2009

2.  For almost my whole childhood I was a competitive roller skater.  I competed in singles, pairs, dance, creative dance, & team dance.  I have the greatest memories of skating, and had coaches who taught me so much.  Rich & Polly were (and still are) part of my family and I consider them a second set of parents.  Skating kept me busy and I learned many life lessons in work ethic, being an honorable competitor, and getting along with others.  
Nationals 1998

3.  Before I had Simone I was terrified of babies.  Not, one & two year olds... but babies.  Give me a three year old, and I'd blow you away with my maternal skills.  But I NEVER wanted to hold my friends neborn babies.  I would sit in a chair with a pillow under my arm like I was five.  Right after the nurse told me and Todd we were about to start pushing I started to panic a little.  I was about to HOLD our daughter.  I was so nervous I would hurt her or do it wrong.  As every parent reading this knows, when it's your own it's different.  I'll tell you though, I was scared shitless!

        I got the hang of it...                                                                 
4.  Scuba Steve & I are best friends.  Seriously I love scuba.  I haven't been able to dive due to being pregnant, and now being a Mom to a tiny little one.  It's a great experience, and I suggest if you are going on vacation to somewhere amazing to scuba, spend the money and get certified.  I'll tell you... if I can do it, so can you, promise!  On our honeymoon Todd & I dove to 110 (he went deeper, but who's counting!?) feet with the most amazing sea life.  We dove the wall (also called the edge of the Earth by locals) in Providenciales, TCI.  There were reef sharks, lion fish, breathtaking coral, and zillions of fish.  Being underwater is like being on a different planet.  I can't say enough about scuba.

Please note... this isn't my photo... I got it from Google Images of diving in TCI.  You think we would have been smart enough to get an underwater camera.  But, we were pretty caught up in the moment.

5.  I've changed.  I think it's part of life to change and grow.  Different times in your life will lead you to change your focus.  Of course, becoming a Mom has changed me.  But I also changed when I graduated, when I moved out of my parent's home, when I got married, when I got pregnant, etc.  To be stagnant and unwilling to change who you are is foolish (well, at least for me).  **NOTE** I am still the fun loving goofy girl I've been since (probably) birth.  My focus however is totally different.  So, yes... I don't keep up with my friends as much as I used too, I sometimes miss events, happy hours, going out, and/or other things.  That is right now...and when Simone is older and I have more freedom in my schedule I'm sure I'll "change" again.  I'm proud to say that I'm evolving every day, and I don't plan on stopping.

Life Progress

That's my five... how about yours?  Feel free to tag my blog if you're inspired to do the same! xo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Simone's First Easter Basket
We had a great Easter weekend!  It was a busy one, but we had loads of fun with our family and friends!  Saturday we headed out to celebrate our friends Heather & Arlie's baby shower for little Logan, who arrives in May.  It was adorable!  We're so happy for those two and Jackson who now gets to be a big brother!

Heather & Arlie's Race Car Shower for Logan

We did up a sweet welcome wagon for baby Logan with books, outfits, diapers, bottles, etc., etc., etc..  I also found him a custom name bag for toys, diapers, whatever on Etsy.  Heather got a little hospital kit from us with candy, soft socks, hair ties, & chap stick...all of the things I HAD TO HAVE post labor.  It was really different shopping for a boy, although... it really makes me think a little Todd would be fun.  SOMEDAY, maybe...........  Anyways, between the four of us we've already married off Simone to Logan.  Poor kids, they have no choice.  

Saturday evening we caught some snacks & a quick prickly pear beer at Hillside Spot.  I even asked Todd when is the last time we didn't stop in on the weekend.  I think we're going on six weeks straight.  If you live in the area you should check it out.  And, holler at us on the patio!

Yum, BEER!

After hanging with Todd's brother & our Nephew Landon on Saturday night, Sunday morning came fast!  We hurried to get everything set up and ready to rock before our company arrived.  It was a beautiful day and the kiddos were even in the pool.  Although, I'm not sure how... it's insanely cold!  My Dad's girlfriend Julie brought over this huge playhouse that the kids could color & play in.  It was a total hit!  

A few highlights from Easter
We feasted on ham with a peanut butter & honey glaze, Grandma's party potatoes (I'll do a post with this recipe...they are amazing!) recipe is up!,  honey glazed carrots, deviled eggs, coleslaw, fruit, guac, and some peep cupcakes & rice crispy treats.  I was really impressed that everything came out great and with a wide range of tastes in our family, everyone was happy! 

Our Easter Menu
The boys even had some shenanigans going on...

When things died down and everyone headed home our family of three hung out on the patio enjoying the beautiful evening.  

Please forgive the exhausted mommy look...

Simone had a great first Easter!  Watching her enjoy time with our family and our little matching dresses made my day complete!!

Hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones! xo