Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Dinner - Lemon Pepper Chicken, Carrots, & Rice

I'm pretty obsessed with easy dinners. Especially easy chicken dinners because we eat chicken 80% of the time.  So, it takes some work to keep making that chicken exciting!  

I figured I'd share a few SUPER SIMPLE dinners that I make when Simone is not in the mood to watch me chop & prepare a big elaborate dinner. 

I'll have several of these dinners posted soon, since it's just about all I normally make. 

Lemon Pepper Chicken, Carotts, & Rice (I obviously love rice & carrots)
What you need...

Bag of baby carrots
2-4 Chicken brests
Rice (or Quinoa, or other starch)

Get it done...

Throw chicken, some chicken stock, and bag of baby carrots into the crock pot around 3pm and pray it's done before we are starving for dinner.  

I usually put it on high and power cook it for a few hours.  If you're gone all day you could set it to low.  I use a lemon pepper spice I bought at our grocery store and cut up a fresh lemon and toss it in.  It smells amazing while it's cooking.  

Then I cook up some rice (boil in a bag because I'm horrible at rice) and toss it all together.  Todd's always super impressed with the flavor, and chicken in the crock pot is EASY and juicy.