Friday, April 12, 2013

Simone's Carte Du Jour

When did this happen?  Our precious baby can now eat like a big kid (kind of).  It's bittersweet.  I love being the person who can feed her, and in that same breath I say hallelujah because I get somewhat of a break (can I get a "hooray, beer"?).  As I posted in A Regular Girl's Breastfeeding Experience I love nursing this sweetie.  Seriously, it makes me feel so great to give her everything she needs.  BUT, a big but (like in the Sir Mix A lot song...) watching Simone devourer new foods is pretty freakin' sweet.

Everything she tries has the same response.  It's hilarious.  First we nurse for a few minutes, it gets her into the "eating" mode, and then we eat some real (aka really mushy) food.  She eagerly opens her mouth, dives into the spoon, and gives me a face & look as if I just fed her a lemon topped with Sriracha!  Post lemon-sriracha look she dive bombs the spoon again realizing that she now loves the new food.  

Her first (beyond rice cereal...which is clearly just really thick boobie milk) food was avocado.  We love it in this house, so clearly we are trying to gear her towards our tastes.  First bite, I was thinking commmmmonnnn guac girl.  By the second it was clear we created a smart child.

Yay, Dad... I can get DOWN!

The Progression of Carrots
Bananas are a big MEH...
The only food that she had a slightly different reaction to was strawberries... it was a, shall we say, thoughtful response to that sweet taste...

See what I mean?
I'll keep posting about her first foods as we head further along this road.  So far I've been making them at home, but I'll fully admit I bought a few of the jarred baby food for "on the go" meals.  It's nice to have something as a stand-by... HELLO judge-y eyes, I see you over there! ;) 

Can I just add, this girl really is a character.  My Mom used to call me a "ham" when I was a kid.  I would always play up for the crowd.  She always swore that someday I would be an actress or comedian... what do ya know, Mom... I just wanted to be like you! :)  That's exactly what I see in Simone.  She's so social.  She loves strangers (something we will have to work on...) and has to chat with people while we are out and about.  I wore her to the grocery store the other night, and you would think it was just her walking around.  Every parent says this (as they darn well should), but this girl is something SPECIAL!

Who, ME!?