Saturday, May 18, 2013

Simone's Six Month Favorites

I figured I better get on it and post Simone's six month favorite things before she turns seven months in a few days.  Seriously... seven months?!  Insane in the membrane.

Anyways, Simone's really into slamming toys together right now.  She's learning some major cause and effect when she accidentally hits herself in the head with one.  When Todd comes home from work, I'm always telling him... don't worry about the mark on her cheek, or the scratch across her face...she was playing rough today.  Wild child.

Because of this need to slam everything around she's LOVING her exersaucer.  I posted about it here.  If you are interested in one, they have a zillion different types, but we got her the Bright Stars one available on that link... but we scored ours from Craigslist.  Retail is a naughty word in this house.

All of her past favorites still apply... Sophie is still her lovey.  Can something that's a chew toy be a lovey?  Well, it's her baby for sure.  But, now that she's very interactive she's taken to stuffed animals.  

She especially loves her "Violet" by LeapFrog.  The coolest thing about her is you can program you baby's name into Violet.  You can also program songs, colors, favorite foods, etc.  You do this by hooking up Violet to your computer through a USB cord that comes with her, it takes you to the LeapFrog website to program.  This means, when I finally hit my limit of hearing "Wheels on the Bus" I can head over to their website and take that song off her repertoire. 

Simone also LOVES board books.  Any book she can chew on, throw, and hang onto she really loves right now.  I totally understand now why parents are always carrying around books that look like the dog ate them.  I am now that parent.  There is one book in particular that her Doctor gave us (for free) that she's obsessed with.  She didn't get the memo to love the books Mommy spent $$ on more... isn't that always the case?

And, finally... although it's not qualified as a toy... Simone is most interested in ANYTHING YOU HAVE.  This includes jewelry, menus, forks, napkins, straws, pens, wallets, iPhones and watches.  She is at the grab anything in her reach stage... so that's a whole new level of fun.  

She definitely knows what she likes, and doesn't like these days.  Her little personality is so funny, and sweet... but it's also very stubborn.  Hummm... do we blame that one on Mom or Dad?