Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm that honestly honest post

That Mom... the one with the screaming child.  When I say screaming, I mean EAR PIERCING SQUAWKING that can be heard from a mile away.  Hi, that's me!

I can't have your iPhone?  Shits about to go down...
Many people can't believe that sweet and happy Simone could be so challenging.  For our friends at Gymboree and swim lessons... it's not so hard to imagine.  Simone has entered a phase where she demands to get her way.  Now, I was ALWAYS the first to say the common "it's the parent's fault", before we had her.  So, I guess this is kind of my kid-karma coming back to BITE me directly in the ass. 

Max aint got NOTHING on Simone...
I swear to you, we do try to lay down the law with her (and also swear we miss the mark, often), but with a one year old you are pretty limited on punishments.  However, at our home we have now initiated TIME OUT.  But, time out at this age feels like trying to play fetch with a six week old puppy. 

Simone is all peaches and cream when she's doing something she is comfortable with, when no other kids are touching her toys (for some reason it only matters when it's other toddlers), and when she is in a great mood.  Throw in needing a nap.... throw in teething... throw in someone else having her car, ball, or letters... and THROW OUT THE TOWEL.  She loses her noodle.  Lately, it's been losing it to the point of throwing her body on the ground and screaming. 

As I look on in horror, I try to be patient and firm.  Explaining to her that "this is not how we behave", or "would you like to go to time out", or "we need to share with other kids".  In my mind (don't tell her until she's older) I'm thinking HOLY SHIT KID, GET IT TOGETHER, NOW!!!

Crazy Mommy eyes...
I keep being reminded by friends, family, and those BRAVE enough to approach this disaster, that this is a PHASE.  That she is in between baby and toddler, and when she's better at communicating and understanding things will improve.  We're hopeful (maybe ignorantly so) that having a punishment that is consistent will help curb this behavior.

I'm not writing this blog post with any answers if you are going through this yourself.  Honestly, it's just to vent, or so that other Mom's know you're not alone.  I'm currently researching ways to handle this with love, understanding, and care.  In the mean time, I'll be pulling out my hair (hopefully the grey ones), and just trying to hang on for dear life.  If you have tips I would LOVE to hear them!

It's tough being a wild thing...

Remind me, what was so hard about a newborn?!