Thursday, April 4, 2013

Five Things

Elizabeth at Get Busy Living inspired me to do a "Five Things" post.  Here we go...

1.  Todd proposed after only dating me for five months.  Now, I know that some people will say that's fast.  For other people, that's plenty of time.  We knew each other for about five years prior to getting together.  He was always such a funny and kind guy.  I never took Todd seriously, he would come into my office cracking jokes, or speaking in Spanish (like an audio book where a white guy teaches you Spanish).  We would debate on topics and I'd tell him to get off of his soap box.  He always had a girlfriend, and I was in a serious relationship myself.  After breaking free of my toxic (and way-too-drawn out) relationship I hit happy hour with a few friends... well, only three of us showed up and Todd was one of them.  He offered to drive me home after one-too-many at happy hour and let me know how he felt about me.  It was overwhelming, but the feeling was more than mutual.  Flash forward five months and he was down on one knee in Michigan.  He's my best friend, and an even better Dad.  I'm so proud of him and thankful for our life we have together.  

Michigan 2009

2.  For almost my whole childhood I was a competitive roller skater.  I competed in singles, pairs, dance, creative dance, & team dance.  I have the greatest memories of skating, and had coaches who taught me so much.  Rich & Polly were (and still are) part of my family and I consider them a second set of parents.  Skating kept me busy and I learned many life lessons in work ethic, being an honorable competitor, and getting along with others.  
Nationals 1998

3.  Before I had Simone I was terrified of babies.  Not, one & two year olds... but babies.  Give me a three year old, and I'd blow you away with my maternal skills.  But I NEVER wanted to hold my friends neborn babies.  I would sit in a chair with a pillow under my arm like I was five.  Right after the nurse told me and Todd we were about to start pushing I started to panic a little.  I was about to HOLD our daughter.  I was so nervous I would hurt her or do it wrong.  As every parent reading this knows, when it's your own it's different.  I'll tell you though, I was scared shitless!

        I got the hang of it...                                                                 
4.  Scuba Steve & I are best friends.  Seriously I love scuba.  I haven't been able to dive due to being pregnant, and now being a Mom to a tiny little one.  It's a great experience, and I suggest if you are going on vacation to somewhere amazing to scuba, spend the money and get certified.  I'll tell you... if I can do it, so can you, promise!  On our honeymoon Todd & I dove to 110 (he went deeper, but who's counting!?) feet with the most amazing sea life.  We dove the wall (also called the edge of the Earth by locals) in Providenciales, TCI.  There were reef sharks, lion fish, breathtaking coral, and zillions of fish.  Being underwater is like being on a different planet.  I can't say enough about scuba.

Please note... this isn't my photo... I got it from Google Images of diving in TCI.  You think we would have been smart enough to get an underwater camera.  But, we were pretty caught up in the moment.

5.  I've changed.  I think it's part of life to change and grow.  Different times in your life will lead you to change your focus.  Of course, becoming a Mom has changed me.  But I also changed when I graduated, when I moved out of my parent's home, when I got married, when I got pregnant, etc.  To be stagnant and unwilling to change who you are is foolish (well, at least for me).  **NOTE** I am still the fun loving goofy girl I've been since (probably) birth.  My focus however is totally different.  So, yes... I don't keep up with my friends as much as I used too, I sometimes miss events, happy hours, going out, and/or other things.  That is right now...and when Simone is older and I have more freedom in my schedule I'm sure I'll "change" again.  I'm proud to say that I'm evolving every day, and I don't plan on stopping.

Life Progress

That's my five... how about yours?  Feel free to tag my blog if you're inspired to do the same! xo