Thursday, February 21, 2013


A girlfriend & I talked about how judgmental some other Moms can be... The sad thing is we are all just doing our best, learning as we go, & could really use the support of fellow Moms! What works for Simone, Todd, & myself might be the wrong thing for your sweet babe (or your future little one).

I always think of before Simone was here... I swore I wasn't going to use a pacifier. Well come three weeks into my sweet baby being here I broke down to my Mother-in-law about not being able to take one more two hour comfort nursing session! I'm lucky to have her because she set my mind at ease that you have to make the best decision for yourself. The paci helped me survive those early weeks. Now, at four months Simone is past the comfort nursing (well, the two hour long sessions) and basically uses her paci as a teething toy.

Point is... Be kind! To yourself, and to other Moms and their decisions. We are all just giving it our best.

Au revoir!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Simone Milestones

The big reason that I want to start a blog is to get my memories down... For Simone to read someday, for our family & friends to enjoy, & to relate with other Moms around the world!

Simone reached four months this week. It's pretty amazing the changes I see in her. She's grabbing & holding everything! It blew my mind seeing her pick up a toy for the first time. I had that twinge... The stop growing up so fast one that my Mommy friends warned me about. But more than that, I was so proud of her development.

As for me, I'm doing good... My body is getting there... Cliché to say, but it's just different after baby. Although, my desire to rock skin tight clothes isn't as strong as my days before Simone. ;-)

Until next time!

Au revoir!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three is a great number...

Hi, I'm Amy... I'm an 27 (gulp) year old who lives in the heat of the desert in Arizona.  A few years ago I fell in love with a great guy named Todd.  He's pretty amazing, and loves me in a way that every girl wants to be loved.  I tell him often that he is the best person to do stuff with.  You know, the mundane stuff... shopping, running errands, and the amazing stuff... falling in love, getting married, & having a daughter together.

Todd & I also play the roll of Dad & Mom to a beautiful, smart, silly, & aware girl named Simone.

Simone is almost four months old now and these past weeks have been some of the most challenging, fun, exciting, & life changing days I've ever experienced.  Simone has brought so much joy into our lives.  It's been a whole new world with a baby in the mix, and she is just as much fun as we could have expected.  The challenge of raising a daughter together has made us closer than ever before.  Todd's a great Dad & I'm always thankful for all of the help, love, & compassion he shows to both Simone & myself.
So... that's what this blog is about.  Our life, things we do, & the fun we try to squeeze out of everyday!
Au revoir!