Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older, and I'm Getting Older, too...

One of my favorite lyrics from my Mom & my song, Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.  Man that song can turn me to mush.  I think of how much I miss my Mom, how she must have been feeling when she knew she was dying, and how hard it would be to look at your children and know you are leaving them far too soon.  It also makes me think of  some great times with her.  We danced to this song at my wedding, and any time we were anywhere you could request or pick a song...she'd do it for me.  Man, I love and miss that crazy Mom of mine.  

But, truly this post is about the last line in the title... I'm getting older.  Last Wednesday was my birthday, and realizing that I'm heading out of my twenty's soon is a little surreal.  I can't believe that I'm nearing thirty, am married, and have a daughter of my own.  I must say that I'm proud of where I am at this point in my life.  Proud of the woman I am, and my morals.  Proud of the home I've built with Todd.  Proud of myself as a Mother (although I'm constantly forgiving myself for my mistakes).  Some days I slip, and I do things or say things I'm not so proud of, but I've been working at becoming the person I want to be.  

I was not worried about gifts I'd get, or getting "my" birthday time to do anything I wanted, or anything like that.  I just wanted to spend my birthday with people who love me, appreciate me, and know my heart.  That's exactly what I got.

Wednesday I spent the day with my Aunt Noelle & Uncle Mike who were in town from New Jersey meeting Simone for the first time, and my Dad.  We went to Mimi's Cafe for a mimosa and some lunch.  Todd came to grab Simone & I after he got off work and we headed over to On the Border for a margarita.

Me wearing my Uncle's reading glasses at Mimi's!, Me & my Aunt Noelle, & my girl, Simone!

We ended the night doing my favorite thing at home... hanging on our patio.  We've been working on making our patio (and home in general) more fun to chill at.  We strung up some lights recently so we relaxed on the patio, under the soft lights, talking.  I opened a few presents from our family in Michigan and from Todd.

Simone was worn out by the end of the night!  Us three at dinner (her face...I'm dying!), and big girl with her sippy cup!

 Todd got me the coolest at home coffee machine ever!  It's the Verismo, so now I can have my Starbucks at home, AND I can make it with one hand... amazing & important for this busy Mom.

My Mother in law made me the SOFTEST quilt ever, and it's beautiful.  I've slept and snuggled with it every night since I got it!  She's wicked talented and it's such a sweet and personal gesture when someone hand makes you a gift.

Me & Simone snuggled under my new quilt! 
After Wednesday I wasn't thinking about my birthday anymore.  We were enjoying the last few days with our family in town from Jersey.  But, Todd and my favorite girl, Amanda were busy planning for my family and a few close friends to surprise me at dinner on Friday night at one of my favorite spots, Arrivederci.  Todd asked me to go out with him on Friday, so I casually got ready (I didn't even blow out my hair!).  Todd suggested Arriverderci and I was against it until he called to make sure they had high chairs.  Ha!  When we walked in I swore I saw my brother in law out of the corner of my eye, and heard SURPRISE!  That's such an awesome feeling, and I totally was NOT expecting anything like that.  Everyone was very sweet for taking time to celebrate with us.  A big, huge, gigantic THANK YOU to my Husband who always out does himself on my birthday!  I love you so much, Todd and I just look forward to getting really old with my best friend!!  Thank you to Amanda for helping set it up, and thank you to everyone who came.  I will also say so many sweet people left me love on Facebook, texted, and called me to wish me the best on my birthday.  Makes a girl feel loved, I'm tellin' ya! :)

A few pics... we were too busy chatting to take many!  

Thank you all, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I'm getting closer to thirty... but I think I'm just getting better with time. Wink!