Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Simone's Nine Month Favorites

Tomorrow Simone will be TEN months old.  How are we already in the double digit months?!  That seems all out crazy to me.  And, everyone was right.  The first year is FLYING by.  Since she's hitting the big 1-0 tomorrow I figured I better post her nine month favorites.  Of course, it's all about the toys right now, or the things she WANTS to be toys.  Here are her top dogs.
Leap Frog Music Table - Chatter Telephone - Mega Blocks Wagon
I will say the blocks top everything.  While we were on vacation in late July Grandma in Michigan had this set & Simone would carry a block everywhere she went.  That meant when I got home, I was on the hunt for the same wagon & blocks.  Luckily, I found it quickly and now we have our very own set up here.
Simone's crawling has turned from cute little army crawls around a small area, into a little speed demon tearing ass across our house.  She is wicked fast (said in a Boston accent) & I can usually be found just trying to keep up.  She's also in full on "pull up and walk around the couches, end tables, coffee tables, cabinets, whatever she can grab" phase, too.  I'm not sure exactly what this is called... but I call it "give Mom a heart attack every five minutes or so". 
I've had to remove all of my cute decorations from end & coffee tables.  She will literally throw anything she gets her sweet little mittens onto across the house.  It was turning into a shit show of me picking it all up and trying to teach her "no".  Clearly, she doesn't get it yet... or doesn't want to.  Either way we've packed away most of the decorative items for a later date.
We recently started Simone in gym classes & swim lessons.  I'm going to dedicate posts to both and where we've decided to join soon.  She is absolutely LOVING being around other kids and I'm LOVING her getting out some of her endless energy. 
More soon.  I'm off to get a facial at a spa right now.  Wait, WHAT?!  No, seriously... this Mom needs some "ME" time in the worst way today.  Make sure you're taking some for yourself, too!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to Blog? Most Days I'm Not Even in Clean Clothes...

Seriously that's how I feel right now....
Between chasing Simone around, feeding her three squares (while I nibble off of her tray), & trying to keep my house in at least somewhat of a managed chaos, I'm having a hard time finding... Time.

I feel like so many moments are flying by and I really want to record them all.  Simone, sweet older & reading this (hopefully) Simone... When your baby becomes mobile your ability to get anything done in a timely fashion goes right out the door. 

But, the great part is, it's so much fun to watch her grow & change.  Watch her doing things that I used to think were so far off.  

Like standing!  And walking around the furniture... She's getting so strong.  She's knows how to set herself down gently so she doesn't fall backwards.  Every day I'm blown away by her progress.  I know that walking on her own isn't far off.

So I'll end here.  While she's still nursing in my lap.  Because these days aren't going to last forever.  And I really need to be fully in the moment to cherish every single one.