Friday, March 29, 2013

Simone's Five Month Favorites

Sweet Simone Baby.  Five Months Old.
When I look at the pictures of Simone the day she was born I'm blown away.  She still seems like my tiny baby girl, but in reality she's not.  She's a social little lady, who loves being part of any and all conversations.  She will roll from her back to her belly and back over again.  Her squeals fill our house all day long and she's a master of grabbing her toys and tossing them around.  I'm so impressed by her motor skills and by her ability to vocalize her mood.  She loves sitting up between my legs right now.  It's hard for me to get anything done lately because she LOVES to play all day and we all know I would rather play with her than do dishes!  We also have started introducing her first foods.  More to come on that in a later post! 
Right now Simone's favorite things are...

Can I just say...teething is hard!  Simone's had some fussy days & nights.  We've been without solid naps during the day and back to waking up a few times a night.  What happened to my baby who slept 8-9 hours?!  We're getting through it with a coffee IV drip for Mom, and cold teething rings for Simone.  We also picked up some of those teething tablets on recommendation from my friend Jenny.  So far... they seem to help a little.  Anyone have other magic advice??