Sunday, May 26, 2013

Butterfly Wonderland

For our two year anniversary Todd got me the BEST gift.  I really love butterflies, I mean, I got them tattooed on my ribs.  And, anyone who knows about getting a rib tat... you MUST love what you are getting tattooed there.  It stings.  So, for my gift he got our family a membership to the brand new Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, AZ.  It's the largest butterfly pavilion in America.

Butterflies on my side.  Oh, pre-baby body...why was I ever hard on you!?
Honeymoon in Provo, TCI
This is especially special to me because while we were in Key West to get married we ran out of time and missed the butterfly conservatory there.  One of the coolest parts about this new Butterfly Wonderland in Arizona is yesterday was it's grand opening!  

The place is pretty amazing.  They have facts about butterflies everywhere, and I read them all to Simone as we walked through.  You start off going to the 3D theater to watch a short movie (in the most bad ass 3D I've ever seen) about the generations of the monarch butterfly and how they migrate.  It's beautiful, and I was so proud of Simone, she watched the movie like a pro without a single peep!

After you leave the movie you get to see the stages of the cocoon or chrysalis for different butterflies   It's pretty amazing, and there were several that opened up right in front of us.  

Checking out the cocoons 

The best part, in my opinion, is what comes next.  You go into a 10,000 square foot atrium where there are butterflies flying everywhere!  It's basically a rain forest (and feels just like it... so don't blow dry your hair!).  I was in butterfly heaven in there.  Beautiful blue winged butterflies are the dominate species, but there are tons of different butterflies   Best part, THEY FRICKEN LAND ON YOU!!!  

One landed on Todd's shoulder and Simone grabbed for the little thing, and thankfully missed!  As she gets older this place will be a blast to take her to.  Right now, she's just kind of looking around like what the heck?  It's hard to tell in the pictures, but butterflies are swooping all over the place.  

Right when we walked in one landed on my purse!

This butterfly took a ride on my purse for a while

Daddy explaining about butterflies!

Simone was getting extra sleepy at this point...Those eyes.

I was pretty determined to get a butterfly on her!

Me, overly excited....Simone could really care less
Way past nap time...

But this little guy loved us!

And after awhile, she took notice!


He started walking up my arm...

And, they really tickle!

I was telling Simone hey, check this out, he's going to fly away...

And he decided he would hang out on my lips.

Todd started snapping pics, so a few photographers came over...

You have a little something on your face...

Simone was hardly entertained!
       We caught the attention of the right guy.  One of the pho-togs was taking pictures of the opening day for the advertising.  And, guess who is signing a waiver for my image to be used for marketing materials?!  Whattttttttt!?  Too cool!  Right place, right time!

Photo credit to Richard Henne - Really nice guy!
   After all of that excitement, Simone was spent.  She fell asleep like this...

Feel asleep with her arm out waiting for a butterfly!
 I was dying for one to land on Simone all on it's own.  I was bummed that she passed out, but five minutes later this happened...

Have you ever seen anything so cute!?
After you leave the atrium there is a room where you can pet stingrays, live ant colony exhibits, honey bees in their combs, and tons of fish.  We cruised through that part pretty quickly since we already had a sleeping baby.  We lucked out, she opened her eyes just as we were leaving the gift shop, so we were able to grab one family pic before leaving. 

We had such a good time.  I want to go back right away!  Kudos to my hubby for another awesome, thoughtful, and perfectly suited to ME gift.  Here's to two years, baby, and MANY MANY more!