Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simone's Styling Diggs

I get so many sweet compliments on Simone's room.  It's far & away the most complete & finished room in our ever evolving home!  I love the colors of it!  I realize someday she will eventually ask "can we change my room to..." so I'm living it up now.

I also realize that someday we may actually USE this room.  Right now it's a really pretty place to house Simone's stuff.  She sleeps in her pack & play in our room for now.  I like having her close so if she does wake up I can change her & nurse her right away.  Saves all of us from extra time awake in the middle of the night.

We got Simone's crib from Target it's the Simmons Slumber Time Elite in Espresso Truffle. As far as bang for your buck I think it's great. Nice quality, it looks beautiful, and the price is in the affordable range! Simone's rag quilt was made by her Grandma Beaupre with hand picked fabrics to match her room. The pillow was made by a friend of my MIL's (I will update with the name & if she has an Etsy shop, because I'm not sure) with those same fabrics. We opted not to put anything on the wall above the crib for safety reasons.
The lamp was a hand me down (hence the bumps in the shade) from my parent's house. My Mom used to have this lamp by her chair in the living room, so it's pretty special to me. The little bird is actually a Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby (known affectionately in our house as simply...the Lobby). If you don't live near a Lobby, I suggest you reevaluate your priorities, pack, and move immediately. Just kidding... kind of. I also picked up the chalkboard at the Lobby, and painted the edging to match her room.  And, no...we didn't hire a professional artist to do the chalkboard.  That's all me, baby! 
I made this mobile for Simone in my 8th month of pregnancy. At that point, I always had to have SOMETHING to work on for fear of going insane waiting to meet her. I bought a bunch of ribbon from the Lobby, one of those embroidery circles, and a hook to hang it. That kept me busy for about thirty-five to forty-five minutes. The bird cage hook thingies is also from the Lobby, and ditto that on the bird clips. Don't worry, I would hide those Lobby receipts in my secret McFlurry cups from Todd and stuff them way down deep in the trash.

Next to my glider I decided to do a little wall of prints for her with cute sayings.  I bought a bunch of wooden frames from Goodwill, painted them, and Googled free printable and printed them the size of the frames.  We also had a canvas print made of our first "pregnancy picture".  It's a pretty goofy picture of Todd & I in Hollywood, Florida pointing at my non-existent belly when I was about four months pregnant.  We figured she should see her silly parents faces every morning when she wakes up!
We opted to forego a changing table.  Her room is pretty small as it is, so we just stuck a changing pad on top of her dresser.  It works.  The quote on the wall is just a painted canvas with letter stickers (from... you guessed it!) because I couldn't find the print in the colors I wanted ANYWHERE on Etsy.  The book shelf things are just Ikea spice racks painted with the coral pink from her room.  I took one picture frame that I had dropped and broken the glass and made a little hair clip holder using ribbon stapled to the inside of the frame.  The lamp I've had forever (a garage sale find) and the birdcage was actually the card holder at our wedding.  A girlfriend gifted us the Sentsy warmer.

The little rocking chair was mine from when I was a kiddo.  I keep swearing I'll redo the padding.  Right now it's still has the Care bears fabric that my Mom made from my nursery.  Maybe I'll never redo it.

The little fuzzy rug was a Target clearance end cap (who doesn't love those?) find, and I love using wicker baskets to hold books, toys, and blankets.  All of her light switch and electrical outlet covers are from the Lobby.  Get them when they do their half off sale on metals.  Soooo much cheaper!  Oh, and that diaper genie... hasn't been used once.  Although... real foods have made us rethink that!
Doing a quick one-eighty here's the other side of the room.  My girlfriend Heather made Simone the CUTEST diaper wreath & door hanger for my shower.  The bird hooks again are from the Lobby.  Grandma Beaupre also gave Simone her first little backpack for when we travel to the mitten to see our Michigan family!
For the paint used Valspar's paint + primer in Aqua Glow for the upper walls, Homestead South Resort for the bottom, and Sweet Melon on the chair rail & accessories.  We were very lucky to have my MIL here over the summer to help us paint and get her room ready.  Todd put together all of the furniture... but I did all of the heavy lifting of Lobby bags! ;-)