Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Beautiful Outside

For those outside of Arizona... this may be a time of freezing cold weather.  For us, it's the time of year where everyone is out... before the insane oven that we live in is set to 450.
I really love taking Simone on walks to the park!  It's part of this little perfect image I have in my head of playing with her while the sun shines and the birds sing!  Packing a lunch for the big kids (Todd & I) was just icing on my little dream world cake.
We put down a blanket, and feasted on our meal... which were simple turkey sandwiches and our favorite soy sauce & wasabi almonds. Simone slept for most of our outing, since the walk to the park in her stroller puts her to sleep. But, when she did wake up she enjoyed watching the kids at the park play, run, and laugh. Todd & I talked about how it will be so amazing to watch her run through the park in the not too distant future.

If you are in Arizona, get out... take a walk, eat lunch on a patio, open your doors!  It's beautiful & the heat is coming!