Friday, January 24, 2014

Simone's Table Makeover

For a while I've been searching for a little table & chair set for Simone.  I was looking at the Ikea Kids Table  over and over.  But it was so borrrrrinnnnnggggg (said in my best angst-y teenager voice).  Although the great things about that set are A. the price, and B. the fact that you could do anything with the paint.  

Luckily, I didn't pull the trigger on that set and waited.  I stopped off at Goodwill to browse with Simone one afternoon and found this BEAUTY!  A real wood table with cute little chairs for, hold on to your butts...$17!  It was cheaper than the cheap Ikea table set and it will have some longevity, too.

Some Mom put some love into this paint job, but it wasn't our style.  It took me a few weeks to get it done, because I really have like two hours during a day that I get to myself.  Well, to be fair... I have more than that, but the rest of the time is usually spent vacuuming, washing dishes, working, blogging, and occasionally peeing.  Anyways, I used leftover Valspar Paint from her room (Simone's Styling Diggs) to complete the project.  After a few layers of paint, and some elbow grease this is how it turned out.

I'm all about finding a GOOD DEAL!  And, I love that I was able to make it well suited for Simone.  Good thing is as she grows up we could change the color to fit her style... or possibly for baby #2.  Oh, gosh, just saying that makes my head spin!

Simone was so grateful!