Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simone's Easter Basket

I don't know about you... but I think I'm a little obsessed with holidays with this baby girl.  Since she is too young to realize what is happening... I do fully admit that gifts for her are self serving.  Clothing won't really count as a very cool gift when she gets older.  So for now... I'm living it up.
Here are the goods I scooped up for Simone's very first ever Easter Basket, and yes... those are capitals.  These firsts are so important to us!
All That Jazz
I got almost all of the clothing from Old Navy.  I love their kids clothing, and the prices are great!  I feel like they are much cheaper than Target, and better quality.  Although, I never turn down looking for baby clothes at Target.  I scored Horton Hears a Who from for $5!
The Princess and the Pea book is from Ross ($2.99 for all of their books!  ROCK!), and it's super special because her Grandma Beaupre sings a lovely song from when she was in the musical.  Super sweet.  I picked up the butterfly & bumble ball jr. at the dollar store and the bunny popsicle makers at Fry's in the Easter isle.  The basket came from flowers we got while in the hospital after she was born, so I swore then that this would be her Easter basket until it falls apart! 
Anyone else feel totally offended by the green plastic "grass" stuff?  Just me?  Ok.  Whatever.  So I opted for the neutral colored grass to fill her basket. 
After rolling the clothes and realizing the book I bought was way big... Here's her first Easter basket!  I LOVE IT!  Next year I'm excited for her to get some candy, and more interactive gifts.
Simone's First Easter Basket! 2013