Monday, March 18, 2013

Ginger Baby on St. Patty's!

St. Patty's Day is just a wee bit different with a little one!  I didn't ingest one drop of green beer... bummer.  However, my adorable little ginger (I think it's official... her hair is red right now) dressed in green made it one for the books!
Back up to Friday night.  Friday night sushi = fail.  The place was packed, they lost our sushi slip, and Simone was DONE after being there over an hour before our food came.  She was seriously so patient for us... and I knew the whole time that we were really pushing our luck.  Simone's cranky hour is usually between 7:30 - 8:30pm, and what do ya know... that's the extra hour we were at dinner.  Do your kids have a cranky time?  She just wants to be held, bounced, or danced around.  I love our usual sushi place, but I got totally grumpy faced (grump-a-sauras is what we call it) when they sat us at a tiny two person table in the middle of the dinner rush.  Bahhhhh, they are usually the best and I'll go back, but seriously, I'm still venting three days later because it was total crap.
Anyyyyways.  To make up for our failed attempt at a night out, we hit up The Nosh for scrumptious pancakes, bacon, & eggies Saturday morning.  We LOVE this place, and Simone was a blissful baby because it didn't take three fricken hours to eat! :) 
We hit up the Depo (the...home depo that is) for a few things we needed.  My husband is basically always doing a project (or three...) at any given moment.  Does anyone else live a DIY life?  We do, and it's messy sometimes.  But, I love his drive to always improve our home.  It's sexy... in a "This Old House" kind of way... ummm Bob Vila anyone? Ya, never mind.  We grabbed lunch, and Simone & I went shopping for my girlfriend's baby shower.

My Handy-Man in the Depo

Saturday night Todd worked on his project and I worked on snuggling the most perfect baby the world has ever seen.  It was low-key, and I'm totally down with that.
           Sunday-Funday arrived & Todd got some super cute green eggies made by yours truly!  I took a photo, but they looked so wrong when photographed.  I was bummed because they look super cute in person.  Meh.  After breakfast & getting Simone decked out in her green gear we headed to my Dad's for a grill & chill by the pool.  It was seriously beautiful outside.  This is the perfect time of year in Arizona... and my Dad's Girlfriend's kids even jumped in the pool, CRAZY!
Mommy & Simone

Daddy, Grandpa Hart, & Simone
Simone got her first bathing suit from Grandpa Docherty (my Dad)! Though it was much to cold for her to get In, I had to see her in it! It's obviously leopard print & pink. In honor of her Grandma Docherty! Perfection!

I mean...this much cuteness should be outlawed!

When Todd & I got home we went for a nice long walk to the store to get some beer!  No green stuff, just some Shocktop (our new favorite) and a sunset walk back home. Capped off by chillin on the patio...and Todd & Simone falling asleep together on the couch.  Life is good!
Night, world!