Friday, May 31, 2013

Simone's First Word...

On Tuesday, May 28th Simone Michelle Hart said Da-da!

Oh, and she LOVES standing up... scary!
Ekkkk!  I've heard her babble Mama & Dada so many times that I've come to expect hearing it.  She would never repeat it after I said it back to her, so I just figured she's experimenting with her voice.  I always call Todd "Daddy" to her, and when I say Daddy she looks right at him.  She got who he was, but didn't associate the babbling noise to his name.

Tuesday this little sweet monkey was going on and on in the morning.  Focusing solely on "Dada".  After a few minutes of this I said it back to her.  She looked at me and said it again... and again.  I waited a bit, and grabbed a picture of Todd, pointed to him, and she looked me square in the eyes and said it.

I was so excited!  All day long we worked at it and it kept getting clearer and clearer.  I used the picture to help her associate the sound with Todd.  

I didn't want to spoil the surprise for Todd, so I waited until he got home and let him know she had been talking about him all day.  When she said it for him, he lit up.  We practiced pointing at Todd and saying it over and over.  

We had to run to Sprouts for a few things, and ALL the way through Sprouts she said it to Todd.  Now, if she didn't already have him so tightly wrapped around her finger I might say that this sealed the deal.  She's a full blown Daddy's Girl.  

I'm so proud of this step in her development.  The past month her development has snowballed.  Every day there is literally something new she does, a new sound she makes, and she is getting quite strong.

You're growing up my sweet wheat, and we are so proud!!