Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby Swimming

It's pool time around here!  That means relaxing in the backyard, drinking frozen drinks, and getting a tan (FINALLY)!  It also means wearing a swim suit.  YIKES!  But, the great part about being in your own backyard is that most of the time there is no one here that would care how you look in one.  SCORE!  

When we are outside with Simone we put her under the trees on the far side of our pool.  This keeps her shaded & happy.  We've tried a few dips in the pool, but she's not big on it yet, and it's still just a bit cold in there for her.

I'm going to take this little miss to infant swimming classes in the next few weeks now that she's old enough.  We want her to be trained to know what to do in the event that she ever found herself in a pool by accident. Of course, you never foresee an event like that... I really can't imagine her getting past us, the doors, and the pool gate.  But, I know that's what every parent thinks.  We will be checking out the Hubbard Swim School in Phoenix soon to get her started.  

Living in Arizona where there are pools in nearly every yard (and not always fences), we look at Simone having this knowledge as mandatory.  If you have never seen a baby who is ISR (infant swimming resource "self-rescue") trained, check this out.  I saw it while I was pregnant with Simone and immediately knew we would get her in swimming right away.  Shortly after I saw that video the Hubbard Swim School sent me a letter about infant swimming lessons.  There are so many accidents where we live involving children and pools, even when parents are good people, and are watching.  

And, on a lighter side of things... we are a swimming, snorkeling, scuba, and pool party family.  This means, we need to get our little guppy up to speed on the water works!  

Stay tuned for our adventures in swimming with Simone!