Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making the Move to the Crib

I know there are so many parents who struggle with babies sleeping, where they sleep, how, etc..  I know we are not alone in the quest to find the best fit for our family.  Every family has to do things their way, and on their time.  If you have advice, I'd love to hear it!

Since Simone was home we have always slept in the same room.  At the very beginning we would sleep out in the living room so that Todd could get a full nights sleep.  She has the BEST pack & play (a gift from Todd's Aunt, Uncle, & cousins in Michigan) which we will forever be grateful for.  It has an "infant sleeper" and she slept like a dream in that.  I seriously give this thing 10 out of 5 stars!!  It's been our home base for taking care of Simone from day one.  We are lucky to have a tiny baby, who at six months, still fits in the newborn napper! 

Graco Pack n Play with Newborn Napper

After her sleeping got into longer stretches, Simone & I moved back in with Todd into our room.  Around four and a half months she started waking a few more times during the night.  Our doc attributed this to teething, so it's been a little harder on Todd having the whole family in one room.  Luckily my job allows me to stumble around half-awake in jammies all day if need be.  His, does not.

Things are looking up on sleeping these days, so we have been talking more about moving Simone into her room at night.  Does this freak out every parent?  Or am I some kind of type A control freak weirdo (doesn't sound like me at all, right!?)?

We've been working hard to get her "used" to her room.  I LOVE her room (check it out here), and I think eventually she will, too.  She takes naps in there both in her crib and in her bassinet.  The only issue is when she wakes up in there she screams loud enough to shake the walls.  I'm not sure if she just isn't familiar with the room yet, or what.

Nap Time
I will admit I love having her in our room.  It's so nice for her to be close, so if I want to check her she's right there.  Or, more practically when she wakes during the night I'm able to just pick her up, change her, and nurse her right away.

I think the transition will take place soon enough, and she's only this young once.  I'm going to enjoy the time she's close and keep working on getting her in her own room.