Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ever Try to Save a Few Seconds, and Make Things Crazier?

Apples for the first time
Well, I have.  Did it yesterday!  Simone has been a little fussy about me feeding her.  Don't get me wrong, this chick loves to eat!  She eats all of her food and takes a boobie for dessert after every meal.  But, apparently I'm way too slow at getting the spoon refilled and in her mouth.  I think if I worked a two spoon tactic it might go better.  She's very independent when it comes to certain things, and she grabs the spoon from me to try to feed herself.  Problem is, her coordination just isn't there yet, so food goes every where!

Peas.  See that grab?  That's what I'm on about...
So, what's a genius like me to do?  I've heard from Moms about these food pouches that kids love.  And, I'm such a Rhodes scholar I thought, PROBLEM SOLVED!  Let's give Simone the chance to feed herself!  Entering Target I sashayed towards the baby food section.  Just full of myself thinking look at me... promoting independence in my sweet girl, who's far superior to other seven moth old babes who need to be spoon fed.  Motherhood has a way of not only knocking you off of your high horse, but it kicks you several times after you've fallen into a pile of horse "S".

Oh, look at that sweet face.  So smart... so wonderfully behaved.  After showing her how to squeeze it a few times, and her doing it perfect (perfect = a few dribbles) I was completely full of myself.  More like full of something else.

She was telepathically telling me... "Mom, this is better."  We have this "connection" you know... 

Engage palm to face.  

I walk away to grab a bib, and suddenly hear a loud squeal followed by banging.  I look over and she's slamming the pouch on the table of her high chair.  Running towards her she's splashing me (and our walls, curtains, and dog) with apricots & sweet potatoes.  After I grabbed the pouch I had to snap this picture.  That little monkey was in hog heaven.  

 Ryder (our dog) was already running around taking care of the mess on the floor.  Kids love dogs, and dogs sure as shit love kids.  I had to post this picture on my Facebook & Instagram, because I had proudly posted her feeding herself moments earlier.  It was like Mommy karma.  Simone learned a bit about sarcasm, too.  As I told her "I really WANTED to wash the walls & curtains anyways", with an added Liz Lemon eye roll.  

And, you KNOW the cheap-o in me came out.  I scraped up every bit of food that landed on her or the high chair that I could and spoon fed her.  Don't worry, I went extra slow to try and teach her something.  Kidding of course.  

So, for the record, those pouches are pretty cool.  But I'm taping up plastic tarps next time... or doing what I should be doing, sitting there helping her keep it (somewhat) clean.

Hope you all got a kick out of it.  My best friend called me and could barley breathe when she saw the pics!