Friday, January 10, 2014

End Break

One of my top goals of 2014 is to get back to blogging!

Getting back to recording things that are happening in our life, as they happen.  It's been a long break, but I'm not sad about taking some time.  Simone started walking and things got insanely busy!

But, I'm back to try and catch myself up here.  Big things in store for 2014, and I can't wait to reach (and hopefully exceed) all of my personal goals.  Goals ARE personal.  Goals ARE important.  Goals remind us of who we WANT to be.

Here's part of my simple (yet, meaningful) list of goals for this year, along with a little of my reasoning for each one.

1.  Spend more TIME with Todd & Simone.

This one is pretty simple.  When I say TIME, I mean.... quality time.  Not cooking or cleaning while rushing Simone out of the cabinets.  Not half listening to my Husband about his day... but REAL TIME where I stop what I'm doing, put my damn phone down, shut out the mind spinning distractions I fill my head with, and BEING with the two people who need me most.  This tops my list.

2.  Making money to bring into our household.

Last year saw us through some HUGE changes.  Changes that meant our budget changed... that it got stretched out so thin we were struggling.  Personally, it was eating away at me that I wasn't contributing financially.  Now, Todd always reassured me that I'm doing the worlds most important job (trust me, I agree).  But, something about being home while my Husband toiled away at work made me feel... well... to put it in the ugly way it ran through my head... like a leach.  I decided to do something about it, and that leads to my next goal.

3.  Market and grow our Notary business.

I'd love to grow our business and make it something that I can be proud of.  I'm taking it one step at a time, but if you're interested in learning more about it you can check out our Facebook page or our website.

4.  Get back to blogging!

Because, I miss it.  I love being able to read through my thoughts (no matter how scattered, mellow-dramatic, or goofy they may be).  I feel like it's extremely therapeutic for me.  And, I love connecting with people this way.

5.  Read 5 books.

I love reading.  This is something that I lost complete touch with over the past two years.  Mostly, because I was busy.  However, I've managed to watch a MILLION episodes of Breaking Bad, Dexter, House of Cards, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc....  Clearly, I'm not that busy.  I've already devoured Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  AMAZING.  This one is about feeding myself (a common theme in this year's goals).

6.  Exercise (SOMETHING) every single day.

This one has become ridiculously easy recently.  Chasing Simone (who skipped walking and went straight to sprinting & hurdles) has caused my weight to drop.  But, toning is my new focus.  Do you have any great exercises you can share with me?  By great, I mean incredibly easy, that will make my ass look like I'm 20!!

7.  Speaking kinder words, and giving forgiveness.

I found myself spitting venom last year.  Passively making horrible comments (true or not so true) about people.  Being judgmental.  Feeling like a victim.... a lot.  Don't worry friends, it was mostly about random people... someone who cut me off, was rude, or made me feel bad.  I've made a strong effort in the past few months to STOP being such a hater.  Realizing that everyone has their own crap going on... and learning to let negative things roll of my back.  All this, while holding tight to the compliments, the positivity, and generosity others have shown me.  Forgiving others and myself for having moments that we're not proud of.

8.  LESS Facebook and Pintrest (Oh, and Twitter, Instagram, texting....).

Now, there are so many reasons I love these two, but my relationship with both have bordered on obsessive.  Need a million projects you will never finish, or never feel like are good enough?!  Check out Pintrest.  I've backed off on needing every idea, quote, and outfit idea.... and let go of "checking in" every where I go.  I'm not saying I don't still indulge... I do.  Overall I just need to back away from the iPhone and refer to item #1.

9.  Be more accountable.

For me this hits on everything.  With money, with my time, with my thoughts, words, with being on time, in making phone calls, in building my friendships.  I just want an overall feeling of being a more accountable person.


10.  Plant something in that DAMN flower bed out back.

We've worked really hard on our backyard.  We have grass, we have a built in grill, and a newly refinished pool.... but we still have an empty flower bed.  If it kills me... I promised myself before 2015 starts, that flower bed will be beautiful.

This is where I'm at.  These things (along with another 30 billion....) are just simple goals that I feel could change the course of my year.  Not to mention my families well being, financial standings, and sanity.

Welcome to the new year.  What are you going to do with it?