Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear 15 month old Simone...

Dear Simone,

Today, you are fifteen months old, and I want to tell you first that I absolutely love you.

I'm sure you gather that... from the kisses I request throughout the day, from the snuggles I steal when you're sitting still, and from the times I make you do what's best for you instead of what you want.

Right now some of your favorite things are running, squawking, waving, giving kisses, and petting our kitty Ozzie.  Your Daddy & I love hearing you say "Hi, Daddy" or "Hi, Ozzie" while waving.  You "take care" of your baby dolls (and Mommy & Daddy) by patting them on the back.  I already see the nurturing spirit I'm sure you will carry through your whole life.

I'm so proud that you have love and interest for other kids around you.  You love giving kisses to your friends and waving at any kid you see while we are out and about.  And, you're LEARNING to share... it's not easy, but we will get there.

Simone & her buddy Taylor having some grahams
You no longer walk, you run.  You sit at your little table and have snacks (with a dolly, or a friend).  You are sleeping THROUGH THE NIGHT in your big girl bed!  Breakfast is your favorite meal and you usually start the day with three servings of oatmeal.  Your other favorite foods are strawberries, quinoa (with carrots & cheese), blueberries, spoons of peanut butter, and most of all bread.

at the park with Landon
You love being outside, in the sand, or in your wagon.  You really love being in your wagon with your big cousin, Landon!  You love climbing on the couch and looking over the back at me while I'm cooking.  You love playing in the kitchen with pots & pans.  You love going outside and ringing your wind chime every night with your Daddy when he gets home.  And, I love capturing pictures of it all.

showing Daddy you're ready for anything
You are doing fantastic in swimming lessons.  Your teacher always speaks of your improvement from week to week, and we beam with pride.  I watch you while you're in class doing your airplane, bubbles, and rainbow dives.  Someday you will swim with strength and confidence, and it's all because of the work you are putting in now.

waiting your turn at swim
I wanted to tell you in this letter that I know it's hard for you when I put you into time out.  Trust me, it's hard for me, too.  Especially since I know you are a genuinely GOOD girl.  Right now we are working on our communication.  I'm BLOWN away by what you understand.  I ask you for something, and you go look for it for me.  You are so impressive, and in time you will be able to tell me exactly what you need.  Until then we will take time to try to understand each other more.  You're doing so good with your signs and already understanding that sometimes we have to do something we don't like.

we made it through your first molars!
I was never sure how it was possible before I met you... but I love you more this morning than I have ANY OTHER morning of your life.  Every day my love for you grows stronger and I'm thankful for even the toughest moments of our day.  If you choose to someday be a mother I hope to be there to remind you that the best things in life are hardly ever easy.  They require you to work, to be challenged, and to be tested.  The most important part is how you respond.  Trust me, sweet daughter, I'm still learning this myself.  The best part is I get to learn this as I grow with you, and your Daddy.

Happy fifteen months, Simone.  I'm not sure how this time passed so quickly.  Though, I am sure that it has been a ride I'd only want to take with someone as truly amazing as you are.


Ps.  I love you forever.